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Andrey Yazydzhi

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Andrey Yazydzhi

I was graduated from physical department of Moscow State University in 1980. Postgraduate course (radiophysics, include quantum radiophysics) - in 1992.

I have 15 scientific publications.

The pedagogical experience :

  1. 3 years : The Editional Education Institute
  2. 6 years: The Moscow Institute of Radiotechnology, Electronics and Automatics (Radiosystems and diplomaworks)
  3. 1 year: The Moscow Institute of Cinematography, operator's department (Optics)

In professional cinematography - science 1993. I am certified by Garrett Brown as seadicam operator.

In 2000 John Ward ( Great Britain ) examined me on master-class workshop like a steadicam operator.

I am carries on design work in the field of cine cameras and additional operator's equipment.

In 2000-2007 was The Director of technology of ONIK-FILM Production. Nowadays I'm the head of company "YAZYDZHIFILMS". (www.yazydzhifilms.com, e-mail: yazydzhi@mail.ru)

I joined Steadicam operators Association (USA) in august 2004.

I took part as assistant instructor of Garrett Brown in The First Moscow Steadicam workshop in February 2006.

In May 2007 I took part as instructor in The Second Russian Steadicam workshop, The lead instructor - Garrett Brown